7/11: Fish

July 11, 2008 at 4:32 pm (Uncategorized)

This week’s challenge is to make a 4×4 with Fish!!  Get out those stamps and collage images and have fun!

Comment to this post with  link to your creation on your blog!:)



  1. Dymphie said,

    I had a good catch 🙂


    Thanks for the fun theme,

  2. Gayle Page-Robak said,

    Please click on my name to view my “fish” challenge. Thank you for looking!

  3. Lisa said,

    I can’t believe I’m only #3! I guess everybody is still out ‘fishing’! 😉

    Here’s mine. Thanks for looking!

    4×4 Fish

  4. Kelly said,

    here is my
    fish 4 x 4

  5. Char said,

    Here is my Fish . Thank you.

  6. Leila said,

    This is my 4×4 FISH card.


    Hope you like.

  7. rein. said,

    Here is my card

  8. Sandy said,

  9. aino said,

  10. Anne S. said,

    Here is my fish, hope you like 🙂

  11. Marion said,

  12. Arja L said,

  13. Christine said,

    My entry is on my blog.

  14. Godelieve said,

  15. Lorraine said,

    check out my fish as I have been playing with textures for this one

  16. Hilmof said,

  17. Denise said,

    I haven’t done on in a while. Thought the Fish them would be fun……Mine’s on my blog….. :~D

  18. Kathleen said,

  19. Claudette said,

    Simple design for this weeks challenge.

  20. Daphne said,

  21. ilse said,

    here is my entry
    thanks for looking


  22. Gabrielle Madsen said,

    Well this has got to be my latest entry yet! Not! LOL

    What a pleasure to use this lovely fish stamp I’ve had for eons and used so infrequently!

    Great theme, here’s mine:

  23. Shelly Sessions said,

    Here is my entry (last minute) for the “Fish” challenge.
    Thanks for visiting my Flickr site !!

    Even So Young, She Knew There Were Strings Attached
  24. Heather Robinson said,

    I am so late with this but…..mine is on my blog. Thanks for having a look.

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