6/13: Shoes

June 13, 2008 at 1:47 pm (Uncategorized)

This week’s theme is SHOES!  Create a 4×4 with this theme and upload a pic to your blog! Comment to this with a link to your creation!



  1. Sandy said,

    Lovely Theme. Here is my 4 x 4.
    Thanks for looking.


  2. hastingshall2 said,

    Hi, please unspam me. Could you add me to the blogroll? Perhaps I can avoid the spam folder next time. Thanks so much. My entry is on my wordpress blog. Faye


  3. Claudine said,

    click my name for entry thanks

  4. Leila said,

  5. Anne S. said,

  6. Dawne said,

  7. Christine said,

    My entry is on my blog.
    Thanks for looking.

  8. Cheryl~ said,

  9. stampingbalou said,

    Great theme – thanks for that – I have to think a little bit longer to get an idea… So, here is my entry for this week…


    TFL, yours Heike ;o)

  10. Carole said,

    I had to really think about this one…


  11. Fiona Whitehead said,

    Mine’s here –



  12. Kathleen said,

    My ‘shoes’ are here:

  13. sam21ski said,

    Here’s mine

  14. Char said,

    My 4×4 Shoes are on my blog.

  15. Renate said,

    Hi I am not sure if it’s ok but I created a 3D card ofcourse 4×4 inch. As far as I understand it isn’t really necessary to use stamp for your themes so I hope this one is ok.


    Greetings Renate

  16. Arja L said,

    Here’s my card.Thanks for looking!

  17. aino said,

    My shoes are in my blog. Thank you for looking.

  18. Lisa said,

    Here’s my entry for this week. Great theme!

  19. sheree said,

    this is one of my favorite subjects to paint! please scroll a bit when you hit my blog.

  20. Patricia said,

    Here are two 4×4’s for this week and last week.

  21. ginger said,

    here mine dear friends hope you like it.

  22. ORsolya said,

  23. paugo said,

    Here’s mine

  24. anuckamuck said,

    sorry so late, here is my shoes

  25. Mary Redford said,

    Shril, hello there SUPRISED!!!!! cant give you boomlings (SP)here lol..
    I wanted to ask you why did you make the 4×4’s do you have a group for 4×4’s we used to belong to a group for 3×3’s but it didnt go any where,,that was a shame…..
    Thank for letting me see you blog one of these day I will be able to make one,,,,I just dont understand it when they tell me to do something grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

    Mary Redford

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