5/23: Your Favorite Color

May 23, 2008 at 2:07 pm (Uncategorized)

A Fun theme this week-your favorite color!  Create a 4×4 using your favorite color! Comment to this with a link to your creation on your blog 🙂






  1. Sandy said,

    Wonderful Theme.
    Here is my 4 x 4. Thanks for looking.


  2. MardeMoomika said,

    Really wonderful theme. Here you can see my favorite colors. Thanks for looking

  3. Anne S. said,

    My 4×4 is here,thank you for looking!

  4. Dawne said,

  5. Cora said,

  6. Peggi Meyer Graminski said,

    Hello there!

    Here is my submission this week:


    Thanks so much for looking! xo Peggi

  7. Mertzi said,

    This theme is wonderful! Here is mine favourite color, thanks for looking!

  8. Gayle Page-Robak said,

  9. Kimmie said,

  10. Jean said,

  11. Lisa said,

  12. Lisa said,

    Here’s mine. Thanks for looking!

  13. Carole said,

    I had a time with this one…Started out doing one thing, changed my mind and then did another….Here’s my 4×4 for this week…


  14. Leila said,

  15. claudilue said,

  16. Ros said,

    Thanks for this challenge – any excuse to use my fav colours! :-))


  17. Katelyn said,

    Here’s mine: http://www.stampingmad.com/4-x-4-friday-favorite-color-challenge/
    In person, the word has a clear background. I have no idea why it looks white in the photo.

  18. Heather Robinson said,

    My submission is on my blog…sorry, still can’t leave links!!

  19. Hilmof said,

  20. ~*~Patty said,

    Here is my 4×4, not easy picking one favorite color, but a really fun challenge. Here’s mine: http://bitze.wordpress.com/2008/05/24/true-blue/

  21. sam21ski said,

    First time I’ve posted on this challenge forum – hope mine is ok

  22. Alie Helder said,

    Here’s my entry for this week

  23. Nan said,

  24. Deborah said,

    Here’s mine for this challenge:


    Thanks ladies!

  25. Sharon Bertram said,

    Here is mine. Luv all the others!!! I just never seem to have the time to respond to each one ;(..


  26. aino said,

    My favorite colours you can see here:


    Thank you for looking.

  27. wil said,

    Dit is mijn bijdrage.

    my is on my blog .

  28. petra said,

  29. rubita said,

  30. Heather said,

  31. Gerda said,

  32. Robyn Sharp said,

    My favorite color is “robin’s egg blue”. Thanks for looking.


  33. Robyn Sharp said,

  34. aztecmichelle said,

    My favourite colour is….

    You’ll have to follow the link to find out!


    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne Australia

  35. Arja L said,

    Here is mine for this challenge

  36. shari schneider said,

    I will try one more time….

    Here is the link to my entry for this week. I have had trouble getting it to post. Since this is my first time participating in this challenge, I am guessing that I am doing something wrong. Well, here goes—keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  37. shari schneider said,

    My last try….

    Hoping the 25 other times that I tried to post my entry will not finally show up!! I don’t know why this has been so difficult for me. Again, keeping my fingers crossed!

  38. Dreamer said,

    This is my entry


    Another good excuse to make a kids card

  39. Patricia said,

    I enjoyed this theme very much. Thanks to everyone for all your kind comments. I don’t always get to make these each week and I appreciate the time it takes to leave a comment.

  40. AngelaC said,

    Here’s mine:
    my blog

  41. Ang C said,

  42. Kathleen said,

    I really enjoyed this theme. Thankyou.

  43. Angie said,

    Yikes…. I lost my comment…

    so… here’s my entry: http://angiebeth.blogspot.com/2008/05/4-x-4-friday-your-favorite-color.html

  44. pink rose said,

    Hi,Here is my card.
    Please look at my blog.

  45. Angela D said,

    My entry is located at: http://angiebeth.blogspot.com

  46. Angie said,

  47. Angie said,

    I hope I just haven’t left 5 comments to list my entry, but for some reason… I can’t see my comments… so here goes:

    My entry for the color challenge is:


  48. ilse said,

  49. ginger said,

    Here entry for the color challenge is:

  50. ginger said,

    Here mine please take a look

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