5/9: Tickets

May 9, 2008 at 5:03 am (Uncategorized)

RubitaRachelDawneSijaLeilaSueThe theme this week is Tickets! Incorporate some sort of ticket into your 4×4!  Comment to this post with a link to your blog, flickr or picturetrail!:)


Have fun!



  1. Anne S. said,

    Here is my entry,thank you for looking 🙂

  2. Sandy said,

  3. femmy said,

    mine is here

  4. filetta said,

    My entry is on my blog ! thank for looking

  5. Sue said,

    Great theme this week. Mine is on my blog:


  6. Ros said,

    Your instruction was to have fun – I certainly did! Here’s my ticket card:


  7. Leila said,

  8. Rosie said,

    I had a lot of fun with this!! Thanks for looking!


  9. Crazy Amigo and 4×4 challenge: Birds-Tickets « Sija said,

    […] 4 x 4 en Crazy Amigo challenge heb ik gecombineerd. Thema’s zijn tickets and birds. New theme at Crazy Amigo’s is Birds. Theme at 4 x 4 chellenge is: Tickets. I made a combination of both. […]

  10. sija said,

  11. hastingshall2 said,

    My entry can be seen on my blog. Please unspam me. Faye

  12. Christine said,

  13. Christine said,

    My entry is on my blog.

  14. Dawne said,

  15. Lisa said,

  16. Lisa said,

    Mine’s up. Click on my name to take you there!

  17. wil said,

    Dit is mijn bijdrage

    My entry is on my blog.

  18. Christa Halbesma said,

    I played too:


    Thanks for looking and leaving me a comment!

  19. Carole said,

    Here’s my contribution for this week….Thanks for taking a look!


  20. Cora said,

  21. Rachel said,

    Great theme. I never use my ticket stamps, so this forced me to get them out!
    Here’s the link

  22. rubita said,

  23. Claudine said,

  24. Claudine said,

    my challenge: 4X4 ticket

  25. paugo said,

    here’s mine

  26. Wanda H said,

  27. Wanda H said,

  28. Wanda H said,

    I have mine done

  29. Wanda H said,

  30. Nan said,

  31. Barb said,

    Here is my entry.

  32. Ang C said,

    Here’s my 4×4 for this weeks challenge


  33. Hilmof said,

  34. AngelaC said,

    This is the first time I have entered this challenge! Here is my effort:


  35. Harriet said,

    Great theme! Here’s my little piece of art:



  36. Harriet said,

  37. Harriet said,

    Great theme! Here’s my entry:


    Yours, Harriet

  38. AngelaC said,

  39. aztecmichelle said,

    Hooray for me! I’ve managed to get this finished mid-week!


    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne Australia

  40. AngelaC said,

    Hi – I have played this week too and my entry is on my blog:

    Hope this is not a duplication… tried to post a message a couple of days ago but it doesn’t seem to have worked!


  41. pink rose said,

  42. pink rose said,

    Here is my entry.
    please look at my blog.

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