4/4: Oriental

April 3, 2008 at 7:52 pm (Uncategorized)

This weeks challenge is Oriental!  Do a 4×4 with this theme and comment to this post with a link to your blog 🙂



  1. MardeMoomika said,

    Here is my entry

  2. Barbara Hagerty said,

    Wow! For once I’m early!! Great theme! Here’s mine:


  3. femmy said,

  4. Sandy said,

  5. Christine said,

    I couldn’t stop by making one,
    so I made two.


  6. Ingrid said,

  7. Anne said,

    LOVED doing this! Brilliant theme! Here’s mine: http://artisanne10.blogspot.com/

  8. aino said,

    He celebrated wedding, little bit ironic anyway.


  9. Cora said,

  10. femmy said,

    AINO I cannot leave a comment on your blog, tried several times, but somehow it won’t succeed!
    But I love your card!!!

  11. Jean said,

    I could do these all day, I love this size!! Thanks for a great challenge and here’s my entry…


    Thanks for looking….

  12. wil said,

  13. Hilmof said,

  14. mar1ene said,

    Ooooh love this theme, you can view my card here:


    Thanks for looking!!! 🙂

  15. Gayle Page-Robak said,

  16. Ros said,

  17. Jessica, Daughter of Layers of Color said,

    Little late but here it is.

  18. Kelly said,

  19. Peggi Meyer Graminski said,

    Here’s my first 4X4 ever … this was a really fun challenge, I enjoyed it a lot =)


    Hope everybody has an awesome weekend! xo

  20. filetta said,

  21. Diane W said,

    Here is my lil oriental entry to your challenge!!! :o)x


  22. claudilue said,

  23. ying said,

    this is my first entry in 4×4, thank you for the fun.
    here is mine:

  24. Debbie said,

    Great theme mine is on my blog

  25. Francine said,

    Oriental is my favorite theme. My entry is in my blog.

  26. Francine said,

  27. Silvia said,

  28. Cynthia (Rainbow Lady) said,

    I love Oriental so here is mine
    Thanks for viewing
    Love Cynthia x

  29. Nancy P said,

    I found this stamp today so here is mine:


    Thanks for looking.

  30. Nan said,

  31. krissie said,

    here’s mine – I tried something new this time, just to experiment.


  32. rubita said,

  33. tinasflickwerk said,

  34. Wanda H said,

  35. ORsolya said,

  36. Donna said,

  37. Lyneen said,

  38. francispaul said,

  39. Plufke said,

  40. aztecmichelle said,

    After finally overcoming my WordPress problems, I’m able to present my piece for the week:


    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne Australia

  41. Wendy said,

    enjoyed doing this one thankyou..here is link to my card


  42. Mandy said,

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