3/21: Davinci Ladies (other than Mona)

March 20, 2008 at 8:03 pm (Uncategorized)

myriame.jpgingriddavinci.jpgkelly.jpgcoradavinci.jpgcleodavinci.jpgdonnadavinci.jpgThis week’s challenge is to use Any of the Davinci Ladies on your 4×4- other than Mona Lisa!  Comment to this post with the link to your creation on your blog 🙂



  1. aino said,

    Once first. Happy Easter for every one.


  2. femmy said,

  3. Christine said,

    My entry is on my blohttp://blog.seniorennet.be/chrilous2/archief.php?ID=233g!

  4. Christine said,

  5. Donna said,

  6. Cora said,

  7. kreativgeschwafel said,

    Nice theme…
    here’s my entry:
    TFL and happy easter!

  8. Sue said,

  9. cleo said,

    hier ist mein Beitrag für heute:
    Thanks for looking!

  10. Jessica, Daughter of Layers of Color said,

  11. Ang C said,

  12. wil said,

  13. Rosie said,

    Here is a DaVinci lady I made today… thanks for teaching me something new… I never knew there were so many! 🙂

    Happy Easter!

  14. kathy said,

  15. Lisa said,

  16. Barbara Hagerty said,

  17. SaLi said,

    here is my entry – it’s not only a lady 🙂

  18. Kelly said,

  19. barnie said,

  20. Hilmof said,

  21. Ingrid said,

    Hier ist meine Karte
    Danke fürs schauen!

  22. maryanne said,


    HOpe you get a laugh out of my 4×4.

  23. Jean said,

    Here is my piece, hope you have time to visit…thanks for the great challenge!!


  24. Nancy P said,

    I enjoyed finding different DaVinci ladies
    Here’s the one I chose:


    Thanks for looking.

  25. Nan said,

  26. annikki said,

  27. Myriame said,

  28. amanda said,

  29. Patricia said,

    I have uploaded my small piece. This was a very interesting topic.

  30. aztecmichelle said,

    A great theme. Here’s my addition:


    I was wondering what everyone is doing with their 4×4’s each week. I’ve already got a good collection of them and don’t know what to do with them. Maybe that would make a good theme one week: “What I DO with my 4x4s”!

    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne Australia

  31. Fiona Whitehead said,

  32. Carla Passino said,

    Just stumbled upon this from another site, and couldn’t pass it up—I love Da Vinci women. Here is my entry: http://www.leafdays.com/digital-collage/da-vinci-ladies-digital-collage/. It is my first for 4×4 Friday, so thanks for looking.
    Incidentally, for Michelle who is wondering what to do with all the 4x4s: although I haven’t taken this challenge before, I have a fair few 4×4 and other formats. I use them to make cards or even giftwraps. Hope this helps,

  33. Plufke said,

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