3/14: Faeries

March 14, 2008 at 3:20 am (Uncategorized)

mandyfaerie.jpgsandyfaerie.jpgkirsi.jpgannikki.jpgfilettafaerie.jpgandreafaerie.jpgThis week’s challenge is Faeries!  Make a 4×4 with a Faerie and comment to this with a link to your creation!



  1. Gayle Page-Robak said,

  2. MardeMoomika said,

    Here is my faeries

  3. Sandy said,

  4. eija said,

    Hello! here is my fairy.

  5. Fiona Whitehead said,

  6. filetta said,

  7. Kirsi said,

  8. Christa Halbesma said,

    I played too:


    Thanks for looking and leaving me a comment!

  9. Heather Robinson said,

  10. Heather Robinson said,

  11. Andrea said,

  12. sandee hyde said,

    I’m actually posting on the same day! Wahoo!!!


  13. Mandy said,

  14. wil said,

  15. missysue said,

    Everybody’s Faerie’s are cute!!!!!

  16. Christine said,

    My card is on my blog.
    Thanks for looking!

  17. Kathy said,

  18. missysue said,

    Here ia my Flower Fairy!!!

  19. Cheryl~ said,

    Here is my fairy 4 x 4~ http://cheryl-comfort.blogspot.com/

  20. annikki said,

  21. ~*~ Patty said,

    Lovely challenge, I’ve been playing with faeries two days in a row now 🙂


  22. Lisa said,

    What a fun theme! Here’s my 4×4:


    Thanks for stopping by!

  23. Kelly said,

  24. Caroline said,

  25. Laura said,


    Now I need to go by and look at all the artwork

  26. Silvia said,

    Hello… once again, I think yesterday’s comment didn’t work.


  27. Jessica, Daughter of Layers of Color said,

    Here is my 4×4, this was a fun theme. : )

  28. rubita said,

  29. Jeri Aaron said,

    Here is my fairy princess ~

  30. rein said,

  31. Chrissie said,

    Great cards ladies, here’s mine.

  32. Maryanne said,

    fantastic stuff this week. Here’s my mother/daughter fairies.


  33. sarah said,

    Great theme Love fairies here is mine


    Hugs sarah xx

  34. Ros said,

    Hi everyone! Here’s my contribution this week.

  35. francispaul said,

  36. aino said,

    Little extraordinering place for faeries, but anyway, I hope you enjoy.


  37. Debsbs4 said,

  38. ellen said,

  39. Nan said,

  40. wilma said,

  41. papertreasures said,

  42. Lyneen said,

  43. Donna said,

  44. Glitterangel said,

    I REALLY enjoyed this one, heres my entry: GlitterAngel blog

  45. momo said,

  46. Debbie said,

    What a great theme
    my entry can be seen on my blog .

  47. Hello said,

    Can I join this: 4×4 Friday?? So, I can do my own ATC – card, every week! My english is not so good, becose I live in Finland..so try to understand me. 🙂

    By: Tiiatc: (www.tiiatc.vuodatus.net)

  48. mar1ene said,

    Ooooo.. I love faeries.. so couldn’t miss this one!!

    You can see my card here:

    Thanks so much for looking!!

    Marlene xx

  49. Patricia said,

    Happy Saint Patricks Day to Everyone.
    Here is my theme for this week.

  50. Ginger said,

  51. cardcreations said,

    Ok, I’m too late but this is my very first entry for 4 x 4 Friday because I love fairies…


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