3/7: Pets

March 7, 2008 at 3:06 am (Uncategorized)

heatherpets.jpglisapets.jpgcucu.jpgkathypets.jpgcaroline.jpgfemmy.jpgThis weeks challenge is PETS!!!  So, do a 4×4 having to do with this theme and comment to this with a link to your blog post!



  1. annikki said,

    Here is my card “Born to be loved”.

  2. Sandy said,

    Great Theme, her is mine.
    Thanks for looking.


  3. claudilue said,

  4. Andrea said,

  5. filetta said,

  6. Christa Halbesma said,

    I played too, I looooooooove cats. Here’s my entry:


    Thanks for looking and leaving me a comment!

  7. femmy said,

  8. kreativgeschwafel said,

  9. Christine said,

    My 4 x 4 is on my blog.
    Thanks for looking,

  10. Caroline said,

    here’s my contribution…


    I’d be up to doing this one again!

  11. Kathy said,

  12. wilma said,

  13. Cucu- said,

  14. wil said,


    Dit is mijn bijdrage.

  15. Gayle Page-Robak said,

  16. Heather Robinson said,

  17. Barbara Hagerty said,

  18. Lisa said,

  19. Cheryl~ said,

    Here is our most recent “pet”…

  20. Myriame said,

  21. sandee hyde said,

  22. Silvia said,

  23. Deborah said,

  24. claudette said,

    A cat with cat-titude…..

  25. rubita said,

  26. Eija said,

    here is my card!

  27. Gerda said,

  28. 3rdEyeMuse said,

    This was a fun one to play with:


    Everyone welcome. 🙂

  29. Nan said,

  30. Bianca said,

  31. ORsolya said,

  32. Plufke said,

    It’s the 1st time I will be participating here… you can see my entry here:


  33. Lisa said,

  34. Pets - Haustiere « Stempelmaus’s Weblog said,

    […] 12 März 2008 von stempelmaus naja eigentlich nur im weitesten Sinn passen diese Karten zum Thema Pets bei 4×4 […]

  35. Chrissie said,

    Hi, here is my 4×4 card

  36. Mandy said,

  37. Katzele from France said,

    You know what ? I forgot to respect the size ! Never mind, here it is…

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