2/22: Watercolors

February 22, 2008 at 1:14 am (Uncategorized)

4x4fridaywatercolors.jpgjoannewardle4x4.jpgclaudette.jpgwilwatercolor.jpgkathy4x4.jpgfemmy4x4.jpgCreate a 4×4 this week using watercolors somewhere on your 4×4! Could be for a background, around an image-just use your imagination!  🙂

Have fun!



  1. Gabi M.-Wirth said,

    Here are some watercoloured 4×4 cards I made last year.One watercoloured background and a watercoloured image.

  2. Andrea said,

    Great challenge, I’d forgotten how much I like using watercolour pencils. My card is on my blog.


  3. Christine said,

    I love this theme and here is my version.
    Have a great weekend everyone !

  4. femmy said,

  5. Sandy said,

  6. filetta said,

    here’s mine “prisoner … of an impossible love”


  7. joanne wardle said,

  8. wil said,


    Het thema voor deze week is
    Dit is mijn bijdrage voor deze week .

  9. claudette said,

    Thanks for looking….card

  10. Donna said,

    This is my first 4X4 challenge! =) Thank you for the theme! Watercolors are a mystery to me, but I think I came up with something that hopefully will qualify! =)


    Thanks again!

  11. livia said,

    Here is my submission for this week. Hope you enjoy

  12. Christa Halbesma said,

    This is my first 4×4 challenge too. In the end I matted it on a 5½x5½”, but the original is a 4×4. Thanks for looking!


  13. missysue said,

  14. rubita said,

    Here is the story of my 4*4 watercolors.


  15. Gayle Page-Robak said,

  16. barnie said,

    Really a great theme, here’s my entry:


  17. Kathy said,

  18. Ingrid said,

  19. 4x4friday said,

  20. Kelly said,


    here’s mine! I have also included a tutorial!

    thanks for looking!

  21. Fabrizio said,

    Gorgeous stuff people ! I’m having an oriental phase so here’s my take on it.


  22. Ros said,

  23. kreativgeschwafel said,

  24. sandee said,

  25. cory said,

    Here is mine…titled Summer Evening

  26. cory said,

    Sorry…forgot the website.


  27. cory said,

    When I goof up I goof up good. Is there a way to edit the comments?
    Here is the correct website (I hope)


  28. tipo said,

  29. rein said,

  30. Aino said,

    Here is my watercoloured sunset.

  31. dutchstamptramp said,

  32. rainbowlady said,

    Here is my watercoloured train.
    Thanks for looking
    Love Cynthia x


    Perhaps you may like to look at my new challenge blog too at

  33. wilma said,

  34. Janny said,

    This is my 4×4 in aquarel


  35. Tanya said,

    My first attempt at watercolouring is on my blog 🙂
    Thank you for looking!

  36. Katzele from France said,

    Hello, here is my entry, never make a 4×4 before…

  37. Nan said,

    Here’s mine http://pandoras-artbox.blogspot.com/2008/02/fridays-daily-artchallenges.html You can find it near the bottom of the post.

    Thanks for looking!

  38. claudilue said,

  39. ORsolya said,

  40. Mandy said,

    ooohhh its monday and here’s my entry before thursday lol


  41. lee said,

    here is mine hope you like it, see you friday


  42. krissie said,

    Hope you don’t get a fright when you see this watercolour lady!! (lol)

    Here is my effort


  43. Myriame said,

  44. Don said,

    I looked at everyones beautiful work and almost decided not to post my link.

  45. 3rdEyeMuse said,

    I had a first with this challenge … I had never played with watercolors before … here’s what I ended up with: http://3rdeyemuse.blogspot.com/

    ( … I did cop out a little – nothing added … )

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