2/15: Doorways

February 15, 2008 at 4:46 am (Uncategorized)

filetta.jpgheatherr.jpgclaudilue1.jpgrubita.jpgmaryhadalittlelamb.jpglisa4x4.jpgThe theme for this weeks challenge is “Doorways.”

Create  a 4×4 with the above theme and comment to this with a link to your creation  on your blog!

Have fun and create!!



  1. Eija said,


    Here is my 4×4 card. Welcome, step in ; )

  2. Sandy said,

  3. annikki said,

  4. Cora said,

  5. wil said,


    dit is mijn bijdrage hoop dat dit goed is .

  6. claudette said,

    my doorway to the SW….hope you like it

  7. kreativgeschwafel said,

    very interesting theme … here’s my entry:

  8. barnie said,

  9. Cheryl~ said,

  10. Gayle Page-Robak said,

  11. Lisa said,

  12. Nan said,

  13. Barbara Hagerty said,

  14. rubita said,

  15. filetta said,

  16. Heather Robinson said,

  17. claudilue said,

  18. Marion said,

  19. Jeri Aaron said,

    Here is mine too ~

  20. Lisa said,

    I love 4×4’s they’re probably my favorite things to do! http://anotefromthequeen.blogspot.com/2008/02/door-4×4.html

  21. Caroline said,

    Better late than never…here is my entry


  22. Anne said,

  23. biggi-al said,

    Today I saw the theme of this week – and I had to make this card at once.


  24. Fiona Whitehead said,

  25. livia said,

    Here is my submission for this week

  26. sandee said,

    Better late than never! Here’s my doorway!


  27. ORsolya said,

  28. Patricia said,

    I love this theme and here is my version. See you next week ! And as always, thankyou for viewing my entries.


  29. Gabi M.-Wirth said,

    Late and very simple – but here it is…

  30. 3rdEyeMuse said,

    I hope it’s not too late to offer up my own little doorway … please visit mine at:


    Thanks a bunch! ~M~

  31. Don said,

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