1/25: Open Theme

January 25, 2008 at 2:49 pm (Uncategorized)

4x4open5.jpg4x4open6.jpg4x4open3.jpg4x4open4.jpg4x4open.jpg4x4open2.jpgWell because my brain has not been working ………..I thought this week we would have an open theme! So, you pick!:)

Make a 4×4 with whatever theme you choose and comment  to this with a link to your creation on your blog!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone does 🙂



  1. Anita said,

    This is my entry for this week.


  2. Sandy said,

    Wow open Theme. Here is mine. Thanks for looking.


  3. Christine said,

    My entry is on “Chrilous2”
    Spin and Splash background.
    Thanks for looking,

  4. ~*~ Patty said,

    Open Theme is fun! I used what was handy and I’m beginning some valentine’s, so here goes:


  5. livia said,

    This is my first post to this challenge. Hope you enjoy.

  6. kreativgeschwafel said,

    Here’s my entry:
    Thanks for looking!

  7. Kathy said,

  8. Heather Robinson said,

    Love the open theme this week. Here’s my submission:


  9. Cynthia (Rainbow Lady) said,

    Here is my peachy entry for this week.
    I thank you for looking.
    Love Cynthia x


  10. Kelly said,

    Here is my challenge combining some of my fave elements!


  11. Gayle Page-Robak said,

  12. sandee hyde said,

  13. aino said,

    He are my wooden view. Have a nice, joyful time.


  14. Jeri Aaron said,

    Here is mine – it’s been made for a friend who is having a baby – each “artsy” person who is attending her surprise shower will make a 4×4 card and then it can be put together to create a book.

  15. Silvia said,

  16. rein said,

  17. Barbara Hagerty said,

    Hoooray! Open theme lets me make another button doll! So addictive!!

    Here it is:


  18. Andrea said,

    I finally got around to using my new stamp. Great idea having an open theme. My card is on my blog.


  19. Anne said,

    Great fun having an Open Theme from time to time, I so enjoyed this! Here’s mine:

  20. Paula said,

    I had fun this week once I had sorted my migraine out!


  21. Ananas said,

    My first 4×4 ever 🙂 Thanks for looking!


  22. Debsbs4 said,

    Here is mine, lovely to have an open theme this week!


  23. claudilue said,

    Hier ist mein Beitrag für diese Woche:

  24. ansku said,

    My Cats Dream

    Cats dream

  25. Tania said,

    Hi everybode, please take a look at my entry :

  26. Katharina said,

    Hi everybody!
    Here is my card! http://katharina1704.blogspot.com/2008/01/arty-girlz-and-4×4-friday.html
    Thanks for having a look!

  27. Debbie said,

  28. Denise said,

    Hi everyone! I had so much fun with my first entry I couldn’t wait for this week. An open theme is great for me. I chose a dog theme. I love dogs. Thanks ahead of time for looking.

  29. Eija said,

    Here is my card!

  30. Evi said,

  31. Lisa said,

    So late, I know……but I have really missed playing along!!
    I hope you will still drop by!!


  32. Angelina said,

  33. Ros said,

  34. Allotment Lady said,

    I just found this blog and here is my first entry


  35. Alexa said,

    open theme its simple :rofl:
    here my entry
    thanks for looking


  36. Ann said,

    I finally post my 4×4 Friday. I’ve got babies on the mind. My daughter Sara just found out Thursday she is having a boy. So our first grandchild will be a little buddle of blue joys. I thought this image was so cute. The bubble background didn’t show up to well though.


  37. SaLi said,

    finally my entry for challenge 🙂


    thanks for looking

  38. citykitten said,

    This is my first time here. As it was an open theme I decided to do something a little different.


  39. Myriame said,

  40. Starchild said,

    Hello everybody! Here is mine flowerpower;

  41. Annie said,

    I’ve done a little colouring, as usual! My entry is on my blog at http://inknrubba.blogspot.com/

  42. Pat said,

    Hi everyone. Here’s my entry….

  43. Pat said,

    My entry…

  44. Anne said,

  45. Rosie said,

    Golly – what a huge amount of entries! Well I’ve finally had time to join in! 😀


  46. Patricia said,

    I chose dolls for the theme this week. Thanks again for all the wonderful comments.

  47. Patricia said,

    For this week I chose the theme dolls. Thanks for viewing.

  48. Casey said,

    I played around with black and white.

  49. Ingrid said,

  50. Mandy said,

  51. mar1ene said,

  52. Sharon said,

    Hi everyone

    I have plucked up the courage to enter my first ever 4 x 4. You can see it here …


    Thank you!

  53. Pandora's Artbox said,

    Made this on Monday but just finally got it scanned and posted.

    Thanks for looking!

  54. mapie said,

    This is my enter

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