1/18: People with wings

January 18, 2008 at 2:49 pm (Uncategorized)

By MandyBy NellieBy PattyThis weeks challenge is “People With Wings”

Make your 4×4 using the above theme and post a link to your creation in comments!



  1. Sandra L. said,


    I don’t think the scan looks as good as it could, but hey…here it is anyway!

  2. Andrea said,

    My little notebook is 4×4, hope that counts. It’s on my blog


  3. ~*~Patty said,

    Everything looks better with WINGS! Fun Challenge, Thank you!!!


  4. Eija said,

    Interesting chellenge. here is my card.

  5. Kelly said,

  6. Nellie said,

  7. Paula said,

  8. Gayle Page-Robak said,

  9. aino said,

    Not so good as I hope, but here is my girl with wings.


  10. Mandy said,

    here’s my entry… im sorry i missed last weeks as i would have really liked to have done it.


  11. SaLi said,

  12. kreativgeschwafel said,

    Always a wonderful theme!
    Here’s my card:
    Thanks for looking!

  13. gaby braun said,

  14. Evi said,

  15. Angelina said,

  16. Silvia said,

  17. Heather Robinson said,

  18. Starchild said,

    Hi! There is my first 4×4 🙂 This is fun!


  19. Jeri Aaron said,

    Here is my offering –

  20. andrea said,

  21. Jackie said,

    Mine is on my blog …

  22. Ros said,

    Here’s my contribution for this week.

  23. Kathy said,

    Sorry about my pic, it is so dark and rainy here…
    Here’s my girl who I love!

  24. Anne said,

  25. Melanie said,

  26. ansku said,

  27. ORsolya said,

  28. Christine said,

    My 4 X 4 is on my blog.
    Thanks for the challenge.

  29. sandee hyde said,

    This is one of my absolutely favorite themes! I have a whole RR journal entitled Winged Things!

    Here’s my contribution:


  30. alienari said,

    I know I’m hopelessly late, but here’s my contribution anyway:

  31. Maryanne said,

    What fun!!!

  32. Maryanne said,

    here’s the link to mine.

  33. Patricia Hine-Stewart said,

    Thanks so much for viewing my 4×4 last week. Here is the theme for this week.

  34. Ingrid said,

  35. Annie said,

    My entry is on my blog at http://inknrubba.blogspot.com/

  36. Cynthia (Rainbow Lady) said,

    Here is my Fairy Sweet Pea for you to look at on my blog.
    Thanks again
    Love Cynthia x


  37. Denise said,

    I’m new to this. Great theme. Here’s my first entry.

  38. miscellanea said,

  39. file under “Miscellanea” » Blog Archive » Challenge themes: People with wings and Childhood said,

    […] more belated, the January 18 theme for 4×4 Friday was people with wings, but I am delighted by these two attempts (my first in this size) and happy my people are sporting […]

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