1/11: Music

January 11, 2008 at 3:05 pm (Uncategorized)

gypsysoulbysandee.jpgmusic4x4.jpgkellymusic4x4.jpgThis weeks theme is Music!

Post a link to your music themed 4×4 in the comments!



  1. Wendy - Anntaurus said,

  2. Nellie said,

  3. Kelly said,

    Here is my music 4 x 4!

    Thanks for looking!

  4. Jackie said,

    My 4×4 is on my blog…


  5. kreativgeschwafel said,

    Music is always a wonderful theme .. here’s my entry:

  6. Rosie said,

    Here’s my music 4×4 – thanks for the challenge! 😉


  7. gaby braun said,

  8. Nina Janssen said,

    Here’s my card. It was difficult to find some Music stamps……


  9. Andrea said,

  10. Gayle Page-Robak said,

  11. Sandy said,

  12. Paula said,

    Another fabulous theme. Here is my entry. Was too dark to take a photo last night!


  13. Annchen said,

  14. ~*~Patty said,

    My 4×4 was inspired by a Richter quote “Music is the poetry of the air”
    Thanks for looking: http://bitze.wordpress.com/2008/01/12/4×4-friday-music/

  15. Heather Robinson said,

    Marvelous theme this week. Here’s my submission:


  16. kathy said,

    I had fun with this theme, different for me.
    Here is mine:
    Great weekend to all…

  17. Ros said,

    My favourite theme in the whole world!! Here’s mine – thanks for looking :-))


  18. Cynthia (Rainbow Lady) said,

  19. Silvia said,

  20. Wanda H said,

  21. surrealmuse said,

    This one is still a work in progress. It just needs a few final touches while I debate whether to leave the background simple or not. Please take a look and let you know what you think…


  22. aino said,

  23. Angelina said,

    Here’s my entry:


    Have a great week! Angelina

  24. ORsolya said,

  25. anne said,

    Here is my efford

  26. anne said,

    Forgot to put my blog on
    Here is my effort

  27. Sandee said,

  28. claudilue said,

  29. Maryanne said,

    Intitled.. “I don’t wanna go”. How many times in my life have I … not wanted to go? Many.

    Great challenge

  30. Monique said,

  31. Myriame said,

  32. Deb (countryloving) said,

  33. Ann said,

    My first entry is here:


  34. Tania said,

    I love this theme, please take a look at my entry : http://poekietoe.blogspot.com/

  35. aztecmichelle said,

    Wow! What a popular theme!

    Here is my addition:

    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne Australia

  36. Patricia Hine-Stewart said,

    I have posted my first 4×4. I call this Music and Meaning.

  37. Ingrid said,

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