12/14: Blue and Silver

December 14, 2007 at 2:49 pm (Uncategorized)

heather4x4.jpgblueandsilver4x4.jpgdani4x4.jpgCreate a 4×4 using the colors Blue and Silver 🙂

Post a link in the comments to your creation!

Have fun!



  1. Sandra L. said,

    My first time here!

  2. Angelina said,

  3. Mandy said,

    ooooohhh nice theme…. i’ll get on with mine

  4. kathy said,

    Here is mine:
    Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you all…
    I will be out of town for awile.

  5. bitze said,

    This is my first time playing here. Thank you for a fun challenge! Here is my offering:
    ~*~ Patty in Virginia

  6. barbara said,

    Here is mine, been awhile since I have posted.


  7. danisart said,

  8. Gayle Page-Robak said,

  9. Heather Robinson said,

  10. Lisa said,

    For some reason I found this one was particularly challenging!


  11. Claudette said,

    great challenge but scanning doesn’t show the silver up well I feel

  12. Linda said,

  13. Silvia said,

    Thanks for this great theme. I love this colour-combination. Here comes my entry:


  14. Jacqueline said,

  15. Paula said,

    Fabulous theme for this week’s challenge. They are perfect partners these colours.


  16. aztecmichelle said,

    I’ve gone for more of an “Aqua and Silver” theme (it is still blue!)
    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne, Australia

  17. Rein said,

  18. Christine said,

    Thanks for the challenge.
    Here is my entry.http://blog.seniorennet.be/chrilous2/archief.php?ID=120

  19. Ros said,

    Here’s my contribution, with a little influence from Tim Holtz!


  20. Jeri Aaron said,

    Here is my first offering for the 4×4 Friday ~

  21. Lisa said,

    Here’s mine, it’s been forever since I’ve played it seems.


  22. Sandee said,

    OK…I’m a little behind the eight ball. I did this week’s challenge and last week’s as well. They can both be found here:

  23. Andrea said,

    I hope I manage to post a link this week. great challenge. My card is on my blog.


  24. Myriame said,

    Thanks for the challenge
    Here is my entry,


  25. anne said,

  26. Tania said,

  27. claudilue said,

  28. Gina Smith said,

  29. Lori Roberts said,

    I made my first 4 x 4 today and turned it into a Christmas Card, thanks for the inspiration!

    You can see it here:


  30. Itkupilli said,

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