10/12 Challenge: Numbers!

October 12, 2007 at 3:45 pm (Uncategorized)

4x4numbers.jpgsquaredbingo.jpgThis weeks challenge is NUMBERS!!!  So be sure to include a number or numbers on your 4×4!!

Go have fun ! Looking forward to seeing your creations!:)



  1. Sandy said,

    Here is my first entry for this challenge. Fabulous theme. Thanks for looking.


  2. zuzu said,

    Here is my entry for this week ..

    on time unlike last week which I have only JUST uploaded tsk 🙂


  3. Nellie said,

    Here is my entry for this week. It’s a card I made a little while ago but it fits in the theme so well

  4. Ilonka said,

    Wonderful theme .. here is my entry:

  5. Kelly B said,

  6. Cora said,

    Here is my number 4×4. http://paperflowers1.blogspot.com/

  7. Claudette said,

    Great challenge….after being on holiday, its great to come back to a new challenge to get the juices running in the creative department.

  8. Gayle Page-Robak said,

  9. lee said,

  10. krissie said,

    Here is mine – A digital collage this time, and it was great fun to do!


  11. Anne said,

  12. claudia said,

    Tolles Thema, hier ist mein Beitrag

  13. danisart said,

  14. Sija said,

  15. fatmasplace said,

  16. Melanie said,

  17. Angelina said,

    It’s a great theme! You can view my entry here:



  18. Barbara said,

  19. Evi said,

  20. Silvia said,

    Hello… wonderful theme, here is my entry:


  21. Caroline said,

    Have just done mine.. and uploaded it to my blog..
    Caroline x


  22. Anita said,

    This is my first entry on this challengeblog.
    Hope you like it.


  23. Suzan said,

  24. Diane said,

    Another fun subject this week. Here is my piece:

  25. Rein said,

  26. Charlene said,

  27. Andrea said,

  28. Paula said,

    I’m quite late this week having been off work ill.
    Here’s my entry.


  29. Heather Robinson said,

  30. Angelika said,

  31. ansku said,

  32. Christine said,

    My card is on my blog.

  33. thatcharlottekemsley said,

    Hi all!

    Thanks for all your kind comments on last week’s piece:-)) Here’s my offering for this week:


    Hope you all have a wonderful week!

  34. louise said,

    Here is my entry for this week and it is my first week infact i’m not to keep on it but i’m just glad to take part, thanks for organising this xx lou

  35. louise said,

    sorry that did not work but it is in my blog

  36. Nellie said,

  37. Myriame said,

    Here’s mine for this week.

  38. Wendy - Anntaurus said,

  39. Lisa said,

  40. crissi said,

  41. thatcharlottekemsley said,

    I am such an airhead!! Managed to delete the original post (twice!!), so here it is again:


  42. francispaul said,

  43. Julie said,

    Phew got mine done….better late than never eh? lol


  44. Nancy Dooren said,

  45. Carla said,

  46. Mary C said,

    Here is my entry for the numbers challenge,this is the firt challenge i have ever done so i hope i linked it right.M

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