10/5 Challenge: Men!

October 5, 2007 at 4:54 pm (Uncategorized)

manpr8.jpg4x4fridayman.jpgTodays challenge theme is Men! Make a 4×4 with this theme and comment to this with a link to your blog post!

Now, go make art! 🙂



  1. Julie said,

  2. Kelly B said,

  3. Suzan said,

  4. Andrea said,

  5. Melanie said,

    Another great theme,heres mine
    Thanks for looking :=)

  6. francispaul said,

    This is what I made.

    groeten Francis


  7. crissi said,

  8. Paula said,

    Here’s mine. I also did one to catch up as I only started at week 5, France!


  9. fatmasplace said,

  10. Silvia said,

    My first entry :-). Thanks for looking.


    Greetings Silvia

  11. Lisa said,

  12. Angelina said,

    This was fun!! Here’s my entry!


    Angelina says hi.. =)

  13. Karine said,

    I did it. My first 4×4 challenge. It is a beeswax collage:

  14. Rein said,

  15. Karine said,

  16. anne said,

  17. alice k. said,

  18. Diane said,

    Another great theme! I couldn’t resist a bit of whimsy this week. Here’s what I came up with:

  19. krissie said,

    Had to think some and came out with this:


    a real hearthrob in his time!

  20. Christine said,

    Here is my card

  21. Leni said,

  22. lee said,

  23. thatcharlottekemsley said,

    This was a fun challenge – I actually prefer altering men than women! LOL! That sounds a bit weird!


  24. claudia said,

    hier mein erster Beitrag

  25. Angelika said,

  26. Mascha said,

  27. Heather Robinson said,

    This would be considered “just in time”…maybe! Here is my submission.


  28. Suzy said,

    Here is mine

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